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A certified professional is the best at installing an AC unit in a new home, replacing an existing unit or performing an AC make over. The summers today all over the country are much hotter than they were years ago. Sometimes the heat gets unbearably hot and sitting with a broken air conditioner or no air conditioner is simply not an option. More people are turning to reputable AC professionals to prevent this from happening.

Air conditioners do so much more than just keep your home cool. They help reduce allergens by removing pollen and dust. They help maintain normal humidity levels by removing moisture from the air and they help you get a better night’s sleep, and controlled temperatures also extend the life of your electronics and furniture. Due to our modern lifestyles and our technological needs, the days of air conditioners being a luxury are over. In today’s day and age, they are considered to be more of a necessity. They have also sorts of benefits and they are even able to save lives in certain instances.

Some think that air conditioning is too costly for them. But if they look closely at how energy efficient the current AC units that are being sold in the market now are, they would soon realize that they are affordable. Read further to learn about the air conditioning types.

What types of units should you consider for your AC installation?

Today’s market is filled with plenty of air conditioning options. The choices may seem overwhelming for some homeowners, while others love the plethora of options. Depending upon your own inclinations, home size, and what sort of framework your home as of now have, certain AC choices could possibly work for you. The most well-known sorts of cooling units are explained beneath.

Split System

In such a system the evaporator coil is inside and the condenser coil is outside. The system works to blast cool air throughout the home with ductwork and vents. For homes that don’t have built-in ductwork yet, it may be a costly expense to have such a system installed there. Long-term, energy efficient units and smart thermometers make this a cost-effective way to cool a home.

Packaged System

The condenser, evaporator, and compressor are all fixed in packaged systems on roofs or concrete slabs close to the home. This kind of system works well with ducts and also outlets. A separate furnace for the winter season may no longer be required as it may also contain heating elements.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps get air from the outdoors and have it converted to warm or cool air inside the house. Such types are ideally used in milder climates because they can only work in a limited range of temperatures. For places with more extremely varied weather, geothermal designs may be better suited.

Evaporative Cooler

This kind of AC unit is sometimes referred to as “swamp cooler”. This produces cool air in a home by having air from outside go through its moist pads. Such kind of system is ideal to be used in places that have dry climates and moisture can be added to a home with the use of direct evaporative coolers. But eventually its efficiency will start wearing off as it hits a certain level of indoor humidity.

Ductless Mini-Split System

While such systems are more popularly used in other countries, these can be an alternative that is less costly for older homes or those AC units that are not fitted with ducts. While there is an individually controlled blower in each room, the condenser/compressor unit is installed outdoors.

This gives people who live in the home more control over cooling each room rather than the entire house. Though you may think that running ductless mini-split system fans in every room is the most cost-effective cooling option, central air conditioning may be less expensive in the long run if you want to cool your entire home.

Remember to regularly service your new unit.

After your new unit has been built, it is recommended, for optimum performance, to be serviced at least once a year. AC professionals can check if there are parts that already need replacement and clean the AC unit as well. Having regular tune-ups can also help avoid any breakdowns which can happen at the most inopportune times.

AC units typically give 10 years of use to homeowners before their replacement. It is best to have the next model selected before the current unit completes its life span so replacement is easy to do and can make your home get back up and running again quickly. As the years go on, older units become less efficient at their job. Once you obtain another device you will get better performance from it.

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