Commercial Electrician Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Business owners in need of light commercial electrical upgrades in Baton Rouge, LA need to look no further than Big Family. Older commercial facilities often need to be brought up to code, but newer structures may also need this type of work. With advances in technology, a company’s electrical needs could change. 

When to Install Light Commercial Electrical Upgrades in Baton Rouge, LA?

Many companies choose to make commercial wiring repairs in Baton Rouge, LA when they are doing a major renovation project. However, this work might be needed at other times as well. 

Whenever the business detects a problem with the electrical system, call for repairs right away. Doing so protects the business, it’s assets, and all who work in the facility. 

Big Family understands the time and energy a business owner has put into building their organization. To help the business owner protect their efforts, the electricians will come out, diagnose the problem and make recommendations on commercial wiring repairs in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Electricity is dangerous for those who lack experience in lighting and wiring repairs. An experienced, licensed contractor should handle commercial electrical panel repairs in Baton Rouge, commercial lighting installation, commercial generator maintenance in Baton Rouge, and more. 

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Electrical Service Upgrades

Several factors affect the capacity of a commercial building’s electrical service. The wiring system’s electrical capacity and the load calculations for the equipment connected to this system, serve as the two biggest factors. 

Business owners may examine the breaker or fuse box to get a better understanding of this capacity. If they feel the capacity is lacking, Big Family will handle commercial electrical panel upgrades in Baton Rouge. 

Service Panel Upgrades and Repairs

To determine whether the service panel is the source of the problems being experienced, the electrician completes a load calculation as outlined by the National Electric Code (NEC). This helps the technician find the most cost-effective solution. 

Every technician working for Big Family undergoes training to complete service panel installations and repairs. This ensures the work meets all building codes and safety regulations. 

At times, commercial electrical panel repairs in Baton Rouge will suffice, and the technician will let the business owner know this when they come to resolve the issue. The technician’s goal is to resolve the issue at the least expense to the customer. 

Besides handling commercial electrical panel upgrades in Baton Rouge, the team also addresses underground cable issues. These cables feed the service panels and meters. 

The technician must correct any problems with the cable when the panel undergoes an upgrade. The same holds when the technician is carrying out commercial electrical panel repairs in Baton Rouge. 

Service Capacity

Commercial facilities need electricity to operate. The service capacity of the building is determined by the building’s load capacity of the total power needed for daily operations. Additional circuits increase this demand. Call for an electrical system inspection to ensure the load capacity is sufficient. 

An electrician must investigate any electrical problems in Baton Rouge, LA  immediately. This includes power surges, frequent circuit failures, malfunctioning outlets, and more. This inspection ensures the building’s electrical system remains up to code and meets the needs of the business.

Commercial Outlet and Lighting Installations

At times, a business owner might find they need commercial outlet installation in Baton Rouge. They find their current outlets aren’t enough to support the equipment they have. However, this is only one situation where a business owner might need outlet work. 

Call for commercial outlet installations in Baton Rouge when the time comes to upgrade to GFCI or AFCI outlets. The electrician determines where to install these outlets and handles the installation process on behalf of the business. This ensures employees remain safe and the business remains protected. 

The team can also handle commercial lighting installation in Baton Rouge. This may be ambient lighting, task lighting, or any lighting needs. LED lights, for example, save the business money, so many owners are choosing to go this route. Big Family will handle the commercial lighting installation in Baton Rouge for them.

Additional Services

Big Family offers additional light commercial electrical upgrades in Baton Rouge, LA. This includes commercial outlet installations in Baton Rouge and commercial lighting repairs in Baton Rouge. Business owners may call with all their commercial electrical needs and the team is happy to help. 

The team at Big Family remains committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and comprehensive electrical services at affordable prices. The electricians handle everything from installations and maintenance to commercial lighting repair in Baton Rouge.

They will fix flickering lights, tripped breakers, faulty wire repair, and more.

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