Residential Indoor Lighting Fixtures in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Indoor lighting fixtures can put the final touch on the aesthetics of any home. At BIG Family Electric, our goal is to help you with durable and safe residential lighting fixtures that will help create a warm and peaceful space within your home. 

We are a family-owned business of trusted electricians who are committed to bringing superior lighting and incredible customer service to homeowners in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.    

Why Lighting is Important 

Lighting is an essential part of every home. Regardless of the time of day, good lighting allows you to make use of every room. It adds a sense of comfort and can help accent the natural beauty by highlighting details in the architecture.  

If you’re looking for an electrician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to help accent your home’s natural beauty, you can stop the search today. BIG Family Electric can provide quality service to help improve the functionality of your home. 

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures 

Whether you are updating kitchen light fixtures or looking for bathroom light fixture installation/replacement, the right lighting fixture installation can set the atmosphere and tone of the room. A new light fixture can transform a room from a dark and dreary space into a bright and bold one. The key is to select the right lighting for that area.     

Lighting can be divided into three types: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Every kind of lighting serves a different purpose.  Ambient lighting comes from lighting fixtures or natural light and is used for simple tasks that may not require bright lighting. Task lighting is used to complete a project, such as cooking or sewing. Accent lighting focuses on a specific object or area, like a piece of art hanging on your wall. 

Whatever type of lighting you choose, it should still complement the purpose of the room. For example, soft ambient lighting is best for bedrooms to help you relax and prepare for bed. The kitchen is best lit with task lighting so you can safely prepare your meals.   

Types of Indoor Lighting 

When you’re looking for a lighting fixture replacement, the possibilities are endless. You can put lighting under cabinets for added task lighting in your kitchen or other workspaces. 

A chandelier creates a beautiful centerpiece for your ceiling, but also ambient lighting for any space. Wall-mounted lighting is another great choice when you’re looking for soft ambient lighting in your bedroom or living room. Recessed lighting provides ambient lighting anywhere you choose and is hardly noticeable. 

You might consider ambient surface lighting when you want a subtle design. Or add track lighting for versatility —  it can be used for ambient or accent lighting. Suspended lighting and cable lighting create a fun aesthetic while providing ambient lighting to any space.   

BIG Family Electric Installation Process 

BIG Family Electric in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is known for lighting installation and excellent customer service. Our process begins with a consultation to discuss your vision for your home lighting. We’ll help you decide what designs fit the style and appearance of your home. This consultation is the most important part of the process because we focus on what you want.

The next step in the process is designing the lighting in your home. You’ll have creative input while working with us to create the perfect lighting system. After you review and approve the final plans, Big Family will begin to install your lights and perfect the design. 

Count on BIG Family for Light Fixture Installation Services 

Regardless of your lighting fixture needs, you can rest assured that Big Family will deliver high-quality products and an exceptional customer experience. Even though electrical installations can be dangerous, you can feel safe knowing your home is in good hands. BIG Family Electric in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, keeps current on all electrical codes and prioritizes safety.   

We will ensure your home has Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters installed and fire guards to prevent any accidental electrocutions or electrical fires. You won’t have to worry about any electrical hazards, and you can enjoy your new lighting.  Contact BIG Family Electric today for your lighting fixture installation or lighting fixture repair! We’re ready to help you capture your lighting dreams. 

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