Electrician in Midcity Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Have you ever had to go a day without electricity? When the power is out, you start to realize how many of your daily tasks depend on electricity. You can’t run a load of laundry, make a pot of coffee, or get work done in your home office. Because electricity is so important, you are probably careful about who you choose to repair or install something in your electrical system. At Big Family, you’ll love our electrical services from the moment you call. With friendly people and fast services, we are always ready to help your electrical system better serve you. 

Our Residential Electrical Services

We can take care of your whole house from your electrical panel to your outlets. We offer a wide range of repair, installation, and maintenance services to make your home safe and comfortable. Here is just a small selection of residential services we offer in Midcity Baton Rouge, LA. 

Electrical Repairs

When an outlet stops working or your electrical panel keeps tripping, you don’t have the luxury to wait around for several days to get it repaired. Faulty electrical systems can be dangerous, so you need someone out right away to take a look at the problem. If something goes wrong, we have same-day electrical repairs so your mind can be set at ease sooner rather than later. 

Electrical Instalations

You may be building a brand new home, sprucing your house up to sell it, or doing some improvements to make your dream house even more special. Whatever you need, we are on your team and we will make it happen. We can take on small projects like ceiling fan installation, or bigger ones like whole-home rewiring. With all of our installations, you’ll get constant communication from your electrician, upfront pricing, and friendly service from start to finish. 


Electrical Panel Services

While everything in your electrical system works together to make life more convenient, the electrical panel is at the heart of it all. Your circuit breaker protects your home from surges and directs electricity to each room of your house. If you are noticing electrical problems throughout the house like flickering lights or frequently tripping breakers, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Some older panels can’t handle the amount of power we need for all of our electronics. At Big Family, we take care of panel installations, repairs, and upgrades. 



Outlets and switches may be small, but they are mighty! You wouldn’t be able to plug in your electronics or use your lights without them. If you are in an older home, you might not have the right kind of outlets, or there might not be enough to power everything that you want to plug in. With our outlet installation services, you can finally have those USB outlets you’ve been dying to have, or GFCI outlets to make your bathroom and kitchen safer. We also have outlet repair for outlets that are sparking or broken. 



Your home can be brighter and more beautiful when you install the right lighting. We work with you to create residential lighting that is energy efficient, comfortable for your eyes, and stunning to look at. We can install your indoor and outdoor lighting, and we’re excited to help your vision for your home come alive.



Once you bring your beautiful new electric vehicle home, you will want the right EV charger in your garage so you can be ready to drive at a moment’s notice. We are excited to do our part for the environment through our EV Charger installation services. We will help you choose the right equipment for your situation and we will make sure your outlets and panel are ready to handle the new charger. 



Make your home smarter by taking advantage of our smart home installation services! We can install home security systems, smart light installations, Ring doorbell installations, and a lot more. You can control everything from which lights are on to the temperature on your thermostat, and all from your phone. 

When everything in your electrical system is working right, tasks at home can be a breeze. We love being able to get rid of safety concerns and inconveniences by installing and repairing your wiring, outlets, and more in Midcity Baton Rouge, LA. If you are worried about problems with your electricity or you just want to upgrade your house, give Big Family a call. From our family to yours, we are always ready to help. 

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