Standby Generator Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

Widespread power outages are growing more common based on recent reports. In fact, the number of outages in the United States has surged by nearly 80 percent just over the last 10 years. Though the majority of these incidents are caused by bad weather, America’s aging power grid plays a role here as well. 

Because of that, homeowners across the nation are making efforts to be more prepared when power outages occur. For many, generators are the answer. If you’re interested in standby generator installation in Baton Rouge, LA, Big Family is here to answer your questions and help you stay a step ahead of power outages. 

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What Is a Whole-Home Standby Generator?

In a nutshell, generators provide backup power when the electricity goes out. Several types are on the market. Some power only certain systems or appliances in the home whereas others keep the entire house up and running during power outages. Whole-home generators in Baton Rouge fall into the latter category.

As opposed to portable generators, whole-home generators have their own power supplies. They typically run off of natural gas or propane. When the power goes out, they automatically spring into action, bringing electricity back to your home. 

That being said, standby generators need to be installed by a master electrician in Baton Rouge to ensure they’re safe and ready to provide emergency power when you need it. That’s where we come into play. Our team of expert Baton Rouge electricians can help you choose the right whole-home generator for your home and provide top-notch installation services to make sure it works properly. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator?

Like many local homeowners, you may be wondering about the benefits of installing a standby generator. After all, this can be a major investment. Most people want to make sure it’s actually worth the cost before committing to a project like this. A generator can certainly give you the upper hand when power outages occur.

Keeping Your Family Comfortable

Keeping your family comfortable and happy during a power outage is one of the main advantages of having a backup generator in Baton Rouge. A generator can keep the air conditioning system going, so your house won’t be hot, stuffy, and miserable if an outage takes place in the summertime. It’ll help keep your family warm during those rare winter weather events we have here as well.

Additionally, having emergency power available will keep your air filtration system going during an outage. That means your family won’t be exposed to allergens and airborne pathogens. Furthermore, with the HVAC system still operating, you won’t have to worry about high humidity levels causing mold growth, warped flooring, and other problems in your home. 

Keeping Your Food Fresh

Think about how much food is in your refrigerator right now. Maybe you have a second fridge that’s also stocked or a separate freezer filled with meats, veggies, and other staples. Many families have hundreds of dollars worth of food on hand at any given time. They depend on their refrigerators and freezers to keep that food fresh and safe. 

During extended power outages, though, freezers and refrigerators can’t do their jobs. That could leave your perishable food supply to spoil, resulting in massive losses. To make matters even worse, your family could end up going hungry because all that food is no longer safe to eat. Having a whole-home generator in Baton Rouge can keep that from happening. 

Staying Connected

Another way standby generator installation in Baton Rouge, LA benefits your family is by keeping the lines of communication open during power outages. When the electricity goes out, the internet, cable, and television follow suit. That means you have no way of knowing what’s going on in the world around you.

Phones and other devices can’t be charged without electricity, either. Once their batteries run down, you’ll have no way to communicate with friends, relatives, emergency services, or other contacts. Having a whole-home generator installed by an electrical contractor in Baton Rouge means you’ll be able to stay connected and informed during a power outage.

Preserving Security

A backup generator in Baton Rouge can help keep your family safe and secure as well. If the power goes out, your home security system may not function. That means you’ll be vulnerable to any wrongdoers who may be out looking for mischief or worse. A standby generator can keep your outdoor security lighting up and running as well. With a generator in place, you’ll continue to be protected even if the power grid fails.

Keep Your Family Secure, Connected, and Comfortable with Standby Generator Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

At Big Family, we’re dedicated to making sure our neighbors in Baton Rouge are safe and comfortable. As one of the area’s leading electrical contractors in Baton Rouge, our electrical services revolve around those goals.

Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a consultation or whole-home generator installation appointment.

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