Electrical Repair Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Nothing is more frustrating than having something unexpected happen in your house.  A switch that now doesn’t switch, a breaker that seems broken, weird power issues, something else stops working when something starts, outlets that used to work but now don’t, blinking lights, or even entire sections of the house not working.  There are lots of reasons these things could happen and often the cause can be very curious.  Readily what may seem to be the cause is only a partial view of the real culprit.


When should you call an electrical repair professional?

With electricity if you notice the problems it has probably been there for a while.  If you see, smell, feel, or hear some thing which may seem electrical YOU SHOULD CALL BIG FAMILY RIGHT NOW.  This is an eminent problem that requires immediate professional attention and could pose major risks to you and your home.


Tripping Breakers

When a breaker trips generally it’s doing so as a result of something it “sees” in your home or something that has been done to cause it.  Simply resetting it could be setting the house up for a real problem.   If the cause is not readily obvious and of recent causation then a professional should be called to investigate to find the root issue.  This could save your home from a significant fire hazard.


Blinking Lights

Bad connections, old fixtures with dry rotted wiring, old switches, bad bulbs, bad dimmers are all culprits that need to be investigated.


Outlets not working

Burned or damaged outlets are caused by overloading or short circuits.  If your outlet has stopped working or are loose then it’s time to have a professional check them out to find out why.


Notice bad smells or buzzing

If you smell something unpleasant (like plastic burning) while in your home especially is there is associated buzzing then you’ll need an experienced electrician to sort the issue out.


GFCI keeps tripping   

A GFCI breaker or receptacle job is to keep you safe.  If it’s tripping then what ever is connected to it is likely the problem.  We can investigate the problem to help find the cause.  If the unit won’t reset then it may have reached it’s end of life.  Not all GFCIs are created equal though.  We know the best products to use that will last the longest for you.


Rusty electrical panels & pipes

If your panel or pipes connected have rusted you may have a problem coming you are not even yet aware of.  The or the wire can short out energizing the can or conduit making you the next pathway.  This is a lethal combination and should be address immediately.


Vent and heater bath lights discolored or dysfunctional

We have parts to replace and repair these units in most cases and even offer some better quality units to improve your bathroom experience.  Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!


Bad grounding

If you touch anything in the home and find more than a little static shock from the carpet.  You may have a grounding issue in the home.  This can happen in the tub, sink, laundry area,


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