EV Charger Installation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Are you the owner of an electric vehicle? If so, you’re probably all too aware of the changes you need to make in your lifestyle to get the most out of your electric car. Gas stations may be a thing of the past, but now you’ve had to adjust to public charging stations. Thankfully, with an electric car charger installation, you can say goodbye to those, too. 

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Is an EV Charger Right for Me?

For owners of electric vehicles, an EV charger can mean a massive boost in freedom. Essentially, you become self-sufficient. You won’t need to rely on public charging stations to keep your vehicle running. Plus, you’re likely to save a little bit of money by making the switch to a private EV charger. 

Benefits of an EV Charger Installation at Home

With an EV charger, you make charging your car more convenient than ever. You can charge while you sleep, ensuring you have your car’s full range available to you before you step out the door every day. This approach can save you a ton of time by no longer needing to wait an hour or so at a public charging station to refuel. 

Plus, it’s simply safer. Every second your car is out in public, there’s a small amount of risk that something could happen. If you leave your car alone at a public charging station, your vehicle is more vulnerable than others. Weather events and vandalism might leave your car damaged and in need of expensive repairs. However, you can protect your vehicle by keeping your car at home and enjoying the same charging service.

Which EV Charger Should I Get?

There are three levels of EV chargers to consider, and the right one will depend on your needs. 

Level 1 is the least expensive to install and draws the least power. With a level 1 charger, you can expect to charge your car to its full range in approximately 30 hours. 

Level 2 is much more convenient, charging your car to full range in just about 3 hours. Level 2 EV chargers are the most commonly used at home for their speed and pricing. 

Level 3 chargers are more advanced. Instead of AC power, level 3 EV chargers use DC power. With a level 3 charger, you can charge your car to full range in a matter of minutes. 

For most uses, a level 2 EV charger will be sufficient. You can charge while you sleep, and, in most cases, you’ll have your full range ready to use by the time you’re out the door the next morning. 

However, if you’re constantly on the road and you need a place to charge up quickly, a level 3 charger might be a better solution. Because level 3 chargers charge so quickly, they’re an excellent option in case of emergencies. If something important comes up, you won’t have to wait for your car to charge.

Do I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

There’s a good chance you might need to upgrade your electrical panel. To avoid overloading and to ensure consistency, there are some electric car charger installation requirements. Thankfully, you can find out whether your panel meets those EV car charger requirements on your own whenever it’s convenient for you to inspect your panel. Depending on the EV charger you’re leaning toward, your electrical panel needs to be rated for 24% more amperage than your charger’s output, at minimum. 

This requirement means that if your charger is rated at around 40A, your panel should be rated for at least 50A. Also, make sure your panel has an empty slot for your new charger. If your panel doesn’t meet these requirements, you should upgrade your electrical panel first.

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