Ceiling Fan Installations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Are you struggling with the heat in a particular room of your home? Are you too afraid to turn on your air conditioner for fear of spiking your energy bill for the month? 

A ceiling fan installation from BIG Family Electric may be what you’re looking for. Our team is ready to install all different types and styles of fans to provide you with lasting comfort, style, and lighting in any room.

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Installations

If you’re considering a ceiling fan for one or more of your rooms, it helps to know what they provide for your home. A high-quality ceiling fan can bring a room together and make the difference between lasting comfort and irritation. 

Don’t let that one room become the room nobody uses anymore. Add some much-needed comfort with a ceiling fan. Trust the professionals at BIG Family Electric to install your ceiling fan properly so that there will never be an issue with it falling or coming loose due to improper installation.  

Energy (and Money) Savings

HVAC systems are expensive to run. Very expensive, in fact. When the summer is on the horizon and temperatures start to build, it’s normal to try to go as long as possible without turning on your air conditioner. While an air conditioner will effectively cool your home, your energy bills will take a big hit every month, and that adds up very quickly. 

In the Summer

Instead of running directly to your air conditioner, call BIG Family Electric for ceiling fan installations. Our high-performance ceiling fans will efficiently cool your room by circulating the air and creating a nice, gentle breeze on-demand. Running a ceiling fan is inexpensive and can keep you cool deep into the summer.

In the Winter

The value of a ceiling fan doesn’t disappear when winter rolls around, either. During the winter, your home depends on your heating system. The problem is that heat rises. Lower floors tend to be cooler, and even when the heat kicks on, it’ll float to the ceiling. 

With a ceiling fan set to reverse speed, that air gets pushed back down to your level. That will keep you warmer for longer and let you truly enjoy the heat your HVAC system puts out.

Functional and Aesthetic Lighting

Most ceiling fans serve a dual purpose. They can keep air moving as well as light a room. Your new ceiling fan can serve as a reliable light source in any space. BIG Family Electric can install your combined ceiling fan and light in the correct location to ensure maximum illumination. 

Workspaces usually require brighter lighting, while living rooms and bedrooms may need softer lighting. We can install your fan in the ideal location during just a single visit, no matter your needs. 

Outdoor Breeze

Ceiling fans don’t just live inside your home. BIG Family Electric can install ceiling fans on your patio or hanging over your deck. In this location, fans can elevate your backyard space to create an even more relaxing area. No longer will you depend entirely on a random breeze to cool you down when the sun is blazing.

Practical Decoration

As prominent light fixtures, ceiling fans serve a decorative role. The right style ceiling fan can add to a room’s decor, lending character or contributing to the style or mood of a room. Once you decide on the fan you like, BIG Family Electric will make sure it’s installed professionally on a mount that’s built to last.

Call BIG Family Electric Today

The team at BIG Family Electric is excited and eager to work with you. We’ve been supporting the Baton Rouge, LA, area for over 15 years, providing dedicated service that focuses on customer satisfaction. 

If you need a ceiling fan installed in your home, the professionals at BIG Family Electric can make it happen. Call today to schedule your free consultation, and BIG Family Electric will come by to realize your vision.

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