Generator Installation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Have you ever been stuck in your home during a prolonged power outage? It’s not pleasant. It tends to be very stressful. If you’re lucky, the temperature outside is comfortable, and the power returns within the hour. 

But what about those ever-increasing occasions when the power simply does not come back on? The best thing you can have to protect your home against extended power outages is a generator.   

There are two ways to accomplish this: You can use a smaller generator for limited basic and essential circuits or get a whole-home generator.

How It Works

A whole-home (or standby) generator isn’t the same as a portable generator. While a whole-house generator will, of course, generate power for your home, the key difference lies in the method of fueling. 

A residential generator relies on your natural gas line, which typically will go unaffected by the power outage hitting your home. That means no refueling is necessary. You can stay inside your home and enjoy power for as long as you need.  

Conversely, a portable generator requires regular refueling (usually with gasoline), which is difficult and time-consuming to obtain during those major power outages events.

Immediate Power Generation

Once power loss is detected, your standby generator will kick on at once to provide automatic power. That is incredibly useful for storm power restoration, immediately providing residential electricity after a storm outage, so you don’t have to go without for a single moment.

Portable Power Generation

Portable generators have some aspects that should cause you concern. They produce large amounts of Carbon Monoxide, which is toxic, and they use fuel inefficiently.  

Many folks connect these units with extension cords and splitters or dangerously backfeed their homes with a double male cord without a proper interlock device. This setup can yield disaster for homeowners and linemen alike. 

These issues, coupled with the fact that portable generators are often placed in or near closed garage spaces, create a dangerous situation that can result in serious injury.

Call the folks at BIG Family Electric to help ensure your generator setup is correct and safe for you, your family, and your community.  

Our Residential Backup Generators in Baton Rouge, LA

When the power goes out, you have to consider all of the devices and appliances in your home that rely on power to keep running. Things like your refrigerator, work computer, and HVAC system require energy to keep your home functional. That is where the whole-house generator really shines.

A whole-house generator from BIG Family Electric will: 

Keep the Air Moving

If you happen to be in the middle of summer or winter, you probably depend heavily on your HVAC system for comfort. When the power goes out, all of the air in your home stops moving, and things start to get stale and uncomfortable very quickly. 

If you have us install a whole-home generator in your residence, you will never have to worry about going without your AC or heating system in a power outage.

Prevent Pipe Freezing

If your HVAC system goes down in the dead of winter for an extended period, your pipes become vulnerable. Your pipes could end up freezing after temperatures inside dip past a certain threshold. 

If they stay frozen for long enough, they could burst. Our standby generator will keep the heat on, keeping you cozy and your pipes functional.

Keep Your Food from Spoiling

Some power outages may last days or longer. These outages can be brutal and surprisingly expensive. Without power, you can’t rely on your refrigerator to store your food for long. Eventually, the air temperature inside your refrigerator will warm up to the point where food will spoil quickly. 

Let BIG Family Electric help. When we supply you with a whole-house generator, the device will prevent this entirely, keeping your food fresh throughout the outage.

Prevent Sewer Backup and Ensure Clean Water in Baton Rouge, LA

If you have a personal sewer lift station or a personal water well in Baton Rouge, LA, you might be familiar with what could happen if your power suddenly goes out.

The problem is that these pumps need power to run. If the storm knocks out your power, BIG Family Electric’s backup generator can keep your sump pump system running and keep your basement dry. That’s a big deal!

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