Electrical Panel Repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You may not notice your electrical panel very often. When it is working properly, it blends into the background. But if your lights start flickering, or the breaker starts tripping when you turn on your vacuum, it’s going to become more of a priority. Your electrical panel is the center of your electrical system, and if anything is wrong with it, you are going to notice.

At Big Family, we are proud to be able to serve families in the Baton Rouge area and to provide quality electrical panel repair. We want to make sure that every home and every family has an electrical panel that is safe and serves the needs of the household. If your electrical panel has been causing problems, our team is here for you.

What’s In Your Electrical Panel?

If you open your electrical panel, you will see switches lined up inside that correspond to different rooms. Each of these controls electricity that is flowing to that part of the home. If a strong surge of electricity is detected in that part of the house, your panel will work like it is supposed to, and the breaker will trip, cutting off power in that area. This protects the circuit from any damage that can occur because of overload.

Most homes today have circuit breakers, but a few homes still have fuse boxes. Fuse boxes work the same, but every time there is a surge of electricity, a fuse burns out and has to be replaced. At Big Family, we offer circuit breaker and fuse box repair so that we can help as many families as possible.

When Do You Need a Repair?

When you need a repair for your electrical panel, there are going to be a few signs that you can pay attention to. The first major sign is a panel that trips frequently. Every panel will trip occasionally, especially if you turn on multiple big appliances at the same time, but it shouldn’t be happening regularly.

You should also call for panel repair if your electrical panel feels warm to the touch. Unlike your computer or television, a healthy panel won’t produce heat. It should also never make popping or buzzing sounds. Finally, call right away if you notice smoke, scorch marks, or a burning smell coming from your panel.

Repair or Replacement?

When it comes time to decide whether an electrical panel repair vs replacement is better for you, you can rely on us to give you the answers you need. We will never try to sell you a replacement if a simple repair will suffice to get your panel back on track. But there are going to be a few situations when you will want to consider getting a new panel. 

We will almost always recommend a replacement if your electrical panel isn’t supporting your electrical usage anymore. Some older panels were never built to be able to handle all of the devices that we use today. If you have a panel that has less than 100 amps of power, you might need a replacement. Additionally, if you have a Zinsco, Sylvania, or Federal Pacific panel, you will want to consider a replacement since these models are known to be unreliable. If you aren’t sure what your panel needs, just ask! We’ll always give you an honest opinion.

Repair Services at Big Family

We are proud to be one of Baton Rouge’s most trusted sources for electrical repairs. We focus on fast, same-day service that will get your electrical system running again quickly. We have put together a team of electricians that shares our commitment to helping other families in the community. Each technician is drug-tested, background checked, and screened so that you feel more comfortable with a stranger in your home.

At Big Family, we want to come alongside you as you take care of your home. Our business was born because we want to use our skills to help the community. After spending years helping people around the world, our family has settled down in the Baton Rouge area to have a positive impact on the community.

Our company is centered on you. We want you to come away from each service 100% satisfied with the work that we have done, and we want to exceed all of your expectations. We always listen, always deliver quality services, and are always on your side. Call Big Family today, and we will be there as quickly as we can to repair your electrical panel!

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