Residential Electrical Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Is your home in need of electrical services? Are you looking to install a chandelier or have an EV charger replaced or installed? Whether it be outdoor lighting installation or a new home surge protector, the team at BIG Family can help with all of your home’s electrical needs. 

Here at BIG Family, we are proud to serve as a leading residential electrician for the Baton Rouge area. We provide a wide array of electrical services to the community, including repairs and installations. Read on to learn more about our services!

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are rapidly rising in popularity as society becomes more environmentally conscious. If you contemplate getting an electric car or already have one, installing an electric vehicle charger in your home would be in your best interest. 

EV charging stations are not easy to find throughout the Baton Rouge area, so having one installed in your home will save you lots of time and trouble! Whether you have a Tesla or other electric vehicle, the BIG Family professionals can set you up with the EV charger for your car.

Electrical Repairs

Our residential electrician team offers a wide array of electrical repair services. When something goes awry with your electrical system, we can troubleshoot the problem and provide the appropriate repairs. The following are just a few of the electrical issues we can address:

  • Outlets not working
  • Tripping breakers
  • Blinking lights
  • Rusty electrical panels and pipes
  • Discolored or dysfunctional vent and heater bath lights
  • Bad grounding

When you notice any of these issues in your home, call BIG Family to fix it in no time!

Interior and Exterior Lighting Installation

If you need new chandeliers installed inside your home or soffit lighting placed around your entryway, trust us to take care of your lighting installation needs. Our residential electrician team is highly experienced in numerous types of both indoor and outdoor lighting installation.

Home Surge Protectors

Power surges happen all of the time, but did you know that they can damage your electrical devices? Consistent power surges are a primary reason that many homeowners end up replacing certain appliances years earlier than they should. 

A home surge protector will protect your home’s electronic appliances from being damaged by constant power surges. Our BIG Family technicians can install the perfect surge protector for your home, keeping all of your electronic devices safeguarded and extending their longevity.

Circuit Breakers

Your family’s safety is of utmost priority to the BIG Family team. That is why having circuit breakers installed is a service that our professionals provide. 

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect electrical circuits from damage caused by short circuits or overloaded currents. It acts to interrupt the current flow when a fault is detected.

Circuit breakers can help prevent fires that happen when electrical wires are overloaded, making them an essential safety device for your home.

Residential Electrician in Baton Rouge

If you’ve found yourself searching the web for “residential electrician near me,” consider the search over! BIG Family provides a wide variety of residential electrical services throughout the Baton Rouge area, and we would be proud to work with your home! 

Our team of professionals is highly experienced in all areas of residential electrician services. From installing an electric vehicle charger to repairing an outdoor lighting fixture, we can tackle whatever electrical needs your home may have. Call us today to find out more!

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