Electrical Resilience in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Electrical systems need to have resilience to operate properly.  Resiliency isn’t casually achieved it takes a plan and effort regularly to ensure that everything is working safely and correctly.  From the point where it comes into your home to each place where you tap into the source it’s crucial to know what and where problems can occur.  The professionals at BIG Family know what it takes to keep a house ready.  We have a deep bench of equipment, training, and experience to sniff out the details bringing your home up to its proper state.

In order to assure that your home is prepared, all of our BIG service appointments receive a standard multipoint inspection to ensure your home is ready to withstand anything you throw at it.  We stand ready to partner with you to ensure you always know what going on in that hidden space of electricity.  Anything noted is plainly explained so that you know what the true condition of your home is and are able to make the best decision for you.

What can a home electrical system withstand you may ask.  Well that depends heavily on how you live.  How much electronic equipment is inside?  The more you have and the more you rely on it each day determines its ability to perform properly for you.  We have many layers of protection and assurance we can offer.

  • First and most common and cost effective to utilize is proper surge protection in a home. Without a basic level of electrical protection it’s only a matter of time before your equipment becomes victim to any number of electrical intruders.  This takes on many forms and we can advise on how this can protect you from costly insurance claim and may even save on premiums.  Most electrical surges go undetected because they are not substantial enough to be noticed however we are all subjected to nominal electrical surges every day. These surges can come from the utility power grid outside of your home, they can also come from within your home as larger items start up like air conditioners or other large appliances. These surges may not be noticeable but they do shorten the life of sensitive electronic equipment.

Surge protectorSecondly size and space. Is your power system built for your needs?  Many people may think so but at soon as you demand something it’s not capable of you begin to realize often too late that it isn’t what you thought.

Electric Meter Off grid…If you depend on your home to be there all the time for you perhaps a standby system if appropriate for your needs. Be it solar or engine driven we can help to assist in installing and maintaining just what you desire.

Electrical generator Lighting protection.  Just a serious as the surge but quite a different approach you can protect your home and family from direct lighting strikes by having a properly designed and installed system to divert the massive energy away from all the things you hold dear inside.

Roof of a house And for folks wanting to ensure day after day and year after year their home is ready when they are, there is BIG Family Care.

-This  signature partnership program where we promise to be your ally in your home giving a detailed inspection each year of the property giving you updates and recommendations to keep your space resiliently ready GUARANTEED.

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