Portable Standby Generator Installation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

People rely on their electronics every day. Most individuals have their smartphones on them at all times, so they have access to the internet, text messages, and more. Countless homes are now set up as smart homes, and people have access to more channels on television than ever before. 

They rarely appreciate the ease with which they access these items until the power goes out. Nobody is immune from a power outage either. Big Family has seen power outages that affect million-dollar mansions and apartment buildings. All homes would benefit from a portable standby generator in this type of situation. 

However, if you invest in portable generator installation in Baton Rouge, you won’t be without power for long. What is a portable generator? What benefits come with having this type of device accessible during a power outage? We happily answer these questions and more for anyone who wants to learn more about this helpful device. 

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What is a Portable Generator? 

Portable generators function much as whole-home generators do, but they move with you. The generator is a blessing when the power goes out at home, as it allows you to keep foods cold in the refrigerator and power other necessary devices. 

However, you can also take this generator with you when you go camping. Throw it in the truck and take it when tailgating with friends at a football game. It may even be of help when you have an outdoor event and need a heater to keep you warm because the temperature dropped outside. 

The Benefits of a Portable Standby Generator

During a power outage, you can do more than keep food in the refrigerator and freezer at the correct temperature. The generator allows you to use the garage door opener, charge cell phones, and keep the exterior of the home illuminated. This is important because a well-lit home deters criminals. 

In addition, the generator allows you to have light in the home without relying on candles. An open flame is dangerous during a power outage because a person might knock a candle over accidentally. This could lead to a fire, which nobody wants. 

Depending on the size of the selected generator, you may be able to power your HVAC system to stay cool on hot summer days. If your generator can’t handle this load, it is still helpful because it can power fans to help keep everyone cool. 

Portable Generator Installation in Baton Rouge

You should always work with an electrical contractor to ensure you get safe portable generator hook up service in Baton Rouge. Gasoline is used to power these devices, so they must remain outside of the home. Otherwise, your house will fill with toxic emissions. 

Once the generator is running, you determine which appliances should be hooked to it. The size of the generator determines how many items the device can power. Electrical safety in Baton Rouge needs to be the top priority, so talk with our Big Family technician to learn what appliances and devices your selected generator can handle. 

You don’t want to find the use of a portable generator during an emergency has led to a much bigger catastrophe. Contact us and we’ll ensure you have safe portable generator hook up service in Baton Rouge. We’ll take the time to ensure you understand electrical safety in Baton Rouge and how to operate and maintain your generator. This is one thing you cannot leave to chance. 

When to Call an Electrician

Although a portable generator is a wonderful thing to have, sometimes a homeowner should not use it. 

For example, if only part of your home is left without power, you may want to turn to your generator that is on standby. Since you have the standby generator ready to go you may not feel the urgency to call an electrician. However, when part of the home loses power, this suggests there is a problem with the power supply coming into the home. You need to know what this problem is to ensure you aren’t at risk of having an electrical fire. This is only one example of a situation when you should call an electrician rather than rely on the generator for power. 

Call Big Family to learn more about portable generator installation in Baton Rouge. We will send an electrical contractor to your home to determine which generator best meets your needs. During this visit, we also discuss the proper use of the generator and give information on electrical troubleshooting in Baton Rouge. This will help you to know when to call us for help with your electrical system or your portable generator. We are here to help in any way we can. 

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