Electrical Outlet Repair in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dealing with a broken outlet can be a major headache for homeowners. It can render some of your most important electronics and appliances useless when you need them most. And electrical work isn’t something you can trust just anyone to take care of. Whether you end up with a minor inconvenience or an emergency repair situation, you need to call a team of qualified electricians for reliable electrical outlet repair. 

BIG Family Electric is the go-to electrical outlet repair company for the Baton Rouge, LA, area. No matter the struggles you’re having with your electrical outlets, we’ve seen it before and know precisely how to handle it. We’re ready to repair your damaged outlets or replace them if necessary. 

Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Repair

You don’t always have to concern yourself with the well-being of your electrical outlets. They’re used to sitting there and providing you with the energy needed to go about your day with no worries. Until they suddenly stop, that is. If you end up ignoring the warning signs of a damaged outlet, you’re often left with an outlet you’re unable to use at all.  

In these situations, homeowners can clearly see that they need a repair. You shouldn’t have to wait for an extreme case to address your outlets. Call us for a repair before you end up unable to use your electronics or with potential fire hazards. 

We recommend that you call on a professional for any electrical repairs. DIYing outlet repairs can be dangerous and ultimately more expensive, leaving you to spend even more money on a professional fix.

Worn Out Outlets

Over time, outlets will become worn out from general use. Eventually, this can lead to the outlet not working altogether. So if your plugs don’t stay in the outlet well or if you have to do some fancy maneuvering just to turn your lights on, call us for a repair. 

Hot-to-the-Touch Outlets

If your outlet is hot when you touch it, it’s likely worn out or damaged. There’s a chance that hot outlets can cause an electrical fire, so you should unplug everything and call an electrician to investigate. You should also be aware of any marks or discoloration, as those can also be major red flags that you’re dealing with short-circuiting. 

Sparks, Smoke, or Burning Smells

Tiny blue sparks coming from your outlet when you plug something in are relatively normal. But if you’re experiencing sparking or burning smells, don’t wait; call a professional immediately to handle it. 

Cracking or Chipping

They might seem like they’re just a bit of an eyesore, but cracked or chipped outlets can become a real problem. The cracks allow debris to build up in the outlet and act as kindling. You should stop using your chipped outlets and have them repaired or replaced by a qualified technician.


Flickering signals that the outlet can’t keep up with the energy needed to power the device. If you’ve plugged a light or other device into an outlet and it starts flickering, the outlet is likely damaged. It might not seem like much of a problem compared to other issues, but it’s best to have these repaired. You don’t want to end up frying your electronics!

Restoring vs. Replacing

Sometimes, it can seem to be more straightforward to replace rather than repair when you’re running into outlet issues. But just because you’re having problems with an outlet doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be entirely replaced. At BIG Family Electric, we’re all about finding the best way forward for our customers. If your situation allows it, we can help save you a lot of extra money and time with an outlet repair.

If you’re experiencing problems with your outlet but aren’t sure whether you need a repair or replacement, give us a call. We can assess any problems and help you paint a clearer picture of the extent of the damage. Then, we’ll assist you with any next steps. Our top priority is getting your outlet back to work for you, no matter what.

Reliable Electrical Outlet Repair

Are you searching for an electrical service company that can help keep your home plugging along? BIG Family Electric is dedicated to keeping your home working and feeling comfortable. We’re a team of professionals proud to bring Baton Rouge, LA, quality electrical repairs time and time again.

We’re the one-stop shop for homeowners who need help with their electrical systems. Get in touch with us today for more information and a free estimate.

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