Electrician in St George, Louisiana


Electricity can be dangerous, but we also depend on it every single day to light up our houses, power our electronics, and make us nice and warm in the winter. When you have the right electrical company to install, repair, and maintain your system, it can be safe as well as convenient. At Big Family, we want to help other families in St George, LA, to keep their homes safe and up to code through our electrical installation and repair services. 

Our Residential Electrical Services

Have you ever thought about how much goes into an electrical system? The lights, outlets, wiring, electrical panel, and more are all working together to keep your home running. At Big Family, we have services for every part of your electrical system. Here are just a few of our electrical services in the St George area. 

Electrical Repairs

A light bulb that keeps burning out may not seem like a big deal. But those smaller problems may be pointing to something a little more serious. That light fixture and even your flickering lights could be a sign that there is faulty wiring or a loose connection somewhere in your system. Unless you are an electrician, don’t try to fix the problem yourself! Have our team at Big Family take a look. 

Electrical Instalations

Maybe you have always wanted a chandelier in your dining room. Or perhaps you are ready to get that old aluminum wiring replaced. We do electrical installations every day and we make sure to get it right, every time. You can count on us to get there on time with a stocked truck, and then do the installation without missing a beat. 

Electrical Panel Services

Without your electrical panel, your home would have problems. There would be nothing to stop surges from damaging your devices. Today’s homes need panels with at least a 100-amp service to power all of the appliances. If you have an EV charger or hot tub, you will need even more. We can upgrade your panel, install a new one, or repair any problems your current panel has.

You will know you need electrical panel services if you have noticed your lights dimming or flashing when you turn on appliances. Call us right away if you have frequently tripping breakers, a hot panel, you smell a hot electrical odor, or you hear buzzing sounds. You should also talk to us about an upgrade if you are making any big changes to your house like adding an appliance or building an extra room.



Over the past decade, the electrical code for outlets has changed a lot. If your house hasn’t been upgraded in a while, you may need an outlet installation to add more outlets, put GFCI outlets in rooms with a water source, and replace two-prong outlets. At Big Family, we do all of this and more, and we also offer outlet repair.



Finding the right residential lighting solutions takes a combination of electrical expertise and creativity. We’d love to help you improve your home by installing lighting that fits the feel of your home. If you want it, we can install it, from energy-saving solutions to outdoor lighting. We know how to choose lighting that lights up a room without being harsh on your eyes. 



When you get an electric vehicle, you have lots of choices for how to charge it. Some people choose not to install anything in their garage and opt for charging it whenever they are out, instead. The problem is that there might not always be a charger when you need one. Having one installed in your home can make owning an electric vehicle that much more fun. 

Your car most likely came with a normal 120-volt plug. But if you want to charge your car faster, you might decide to install a 240-volt outlet in your garage to accommodate a faster charging station. If you want a super-fast charge or you have a Tesla, you’ll need the next step up. We can help you decide which EV charger installation you need. 



Everything from your lights to your thermostat can now be controlled from your phone. If you want to make temperature control, surveillance, and energy savings easy, talk to us about our smart home installation services at Big Family. 

We are a team of dedicated electricians that is excited to be able to help St George families. With our electrical installations and repairs, you will be breathing a sigh of relief and enjoying a home that fits your lifestyle and is a lot safer. Give us a call today!

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