Electrical Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Your electrical system is the lifeblood to your home.  Although often ignored the cool air, hot water, cooking, entertainment, mood lighting, and the every growing IOT all feed from this critical infrastructure system known as electricity.  When it’s in top shape there is nothing better. Generally, it’s pretty reliable but put a little zap here, flicker there, or smell around and your day changes immensely. Don’t let just anyone be your homes cardiologist trust our qualified professionals who are certified and experienced.

When a professional electrician from Big Family comes to your home, we have a look over the home to check and see if every code required safeguard is in place.  We want you to be informed about the condition of your home and be aware of every possible way a hazard may be present.  

Electricity isn’t complicated but it as with many things can be exceedingly dangerous if not handled properly.  Your home is no exception to this. Far too often folks allow well meaning home repair companies to complete “minor” electrical repairs without any understanding of the code or it’s purposes in keeping you safe.   The thing about electricity is that you can’t readily see, taste, smell, hear, or feel it until usually it’s too late.

Systems vary widely depending on when and who installed them.  Just because they are working doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem.  They could be completely safe or seriously dangerous and just because they have been working for years with no issues doesn’t mean there isn’t hidden problems.  We have specialized equipment to check various critical area in the home to know for sure you and your home are safe.

What does code say about your home?

Things your home needs to stay in top shape!

-Arc Fault protection (Fire Guard) keeps your home from burning down due to faulty equipment or wiring.  Current code now requires all devices connected to loads to contain this protection so your chances of fire by electrical fire are super small.

-Ground Fault protection (Safety Guards) keeps people safe from electrical shocks when exposed to area with high risk of accidents or faults. These are required anywhere near water or places where ground contact is likely.

-Smoke /CO detection equipment needs to be currently and properly functioning with battery backups so you can know if there is a problem while there is still time to react.

-Surge suppression because everything is connected to your electricity and by that nature everything outside is connected to your stuff inside.

-Taper resistant outlets are required for all spaces near the floor to keep those kids and grandkids safe, no more pennies and paperclips in the outlets.

The panel.

In a home this is where it all starts.  The utility hands the power to a distribution set of breakers designed to keep your wiring from over loading.  New devices also protect against short circuits causing many fires in homes each year. Panels are generally reliable but they do require changing after some time.  Sometimes this is to accommodate new devices sometimes due to deterioration. New panels have all the features needed to fully protect your home. Old ones can present major problems and have caused so many fires they require changing as soon as possible.  These include Zinsco, Federal Pacific, or old Fuse boxes. See https://www.ismypanelsafe.com/

The wiring

New homes have grounds for safety installed in every circuit.  The 1970s had aluminum wiring installed in the branch circuitry and was later revealed to be attributable to house fire due to poor contacts in switches and receptacles.  Older homes than the 1970s may not have these installed. These homes may have brittle cloth wire, knob and tube, or various other dangerous wiring methods. New wire has the insulation and structure to protect your home for decades.

The devices

Just like anything else in regular use switches and outlets can wear out.  Overtime these can cause plugs to fall out and lights not to work. Let us provide circuit diagnostics to determine if the devices in your home are beyond their life cycle.

Remember just because you don’t notice it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

An old adage is you’ll never find what you’re not looking for.  This is true of the electrical system. Often it sits in the background hidden from view doing it’s thing.  But care should be taken to make sure it’s in its best operating condition. Thermal expansion can cause things to shift and loosen over time.  Part of our annual maintenance plan is having our professional and knowledgeable electricians looking over your home to make sure everything is in tip top shape.

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