Electrical Outlet Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

There are many companies that offer electrical outlet services in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before scheduling a service appointment and allowing a technician into the home, a customer should make sure they are hiring a good company and find out about all of the services the company offers. The following questions should be asked before making the home repair appointment and allowing a technician or repair person into the home. 

Are Employees Properly Trained?

Anyone can offer electrical outlet services, but just because they offer the service doesn’t mean that they are trained and experienced in electrical repair. It can be dangerous to work with Electrical Outlets, or many homeowners would try to do the job themselves. When calling a company for a quote, ask how long the company has been in business and what training they provide to employees.

Make sure that the service needed is one that employees have been trained on. For example, if the home needs the outlets updated to GFCI outlets, make sure employees have experience in doing this. When done properly, these new outlets should shut the current to the outlet off if they detect moisture or if they get wet. 

Are Employees Screened at Hire?

Some companies desperate for workers may hire people directly off the streets, such as day laborers. When considering an electrical repair company or an Electrician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ask them if they screen and background check their employees.

A homeowner should be assured that the person they are inviting into their home to make repairs has a clean background. It’s also acceptable to ask for the name of the technician who will be coming to the home and to ask how long they have been with the company. The last thing a homeowner needs is to be inviting in someone with a shady past to scope out their belongings. If the employee has been with the company for years, this can also show that the employee is experienced, reliable, and wasn’t hired yesterday off the streets.

Do Employees Submit to a Drug Test?

Some employers drug test on hire, some for reasonable suspicion, and others never drug test. Working with electricity isn’t the safest job, but compounding that risk with drug use is an accident waiting to happen. Don’t be shy about asking a repair company if they drug test their employees, and if so, how often. 

What Are Other Customers Saying About the Company?

Just because the company has an ad in the paper and a website doesn’t mean they offer quality workmanship. Before deciding which company to choose, do a simple internet search for reviews and see what other customers are saying about the service and the company. It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau just to cover all bases. If the company is new, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a list of references. 

Does the Electrical Company Offer Any Additional Services?

Many times when having an electrical repair company to a home, they charge a flat trip service fee in addition to the repair costs. If there are more jobs around the home that need to be done, it makes sense to look into getting them all done at once.

For example, instead of just having an outlet repaired or replaced, ask if the service company can also install those new dimmer switches while they are at the home. Other services they may offer can include installing light timers, outlet plates, switch plates, fan controls, wireless switches, USB outlets, motion-activated lights, and more. 

In conclusion, by asking the right questions, a homeowner is more likely to have a positive experience with Electrical Outlet Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The job has a higher chance of getting done right and the homeowner feels better knowing that the person entering their home has been properly vetted and trained for the job. By inquiring about other services, the homeowner can also get all of those DIY projects on their list completed and save some money by paying a single trip fee.

Since 1976, Big Family Electric has been serving those in and around the Baton Rouge area. Whenever possible, they aim to serve customers in need the same day. All employees have passed background checks, drug tests, and are thoroughly trained to get the job done.

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