Electrical Panel Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Electrical panels are essential components of electric systems in homes. When these are outdated or in a state of disrepair, major issues can arise, including the risks of fire or electric shock. When Baton Rouge, Louisiana homeowners discover there are problems with their electrical panel, they need to contact an electrician right away. This is not an issue that is easy to repair, and it takes knowledge and the right tools to carry out the work safely. Knowing the signs of panel problems will allow homeowners to know when to call the professionals for Electrical panel services. 

Signs of Electrical Panel Problems

An outdated electrical panel or one that has been damaged can be a danger to homeowners. Sometimes, homeowners do not realize right away that there is a problem. If a homeowner notices any of the following signs, it is imperative they contact an Electrician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Waiting too long to seek repairs or a replacement could result in serious injuries and damages. 

  • Flickering lights are common when an electrical system is overwhelmed. Sometimes, this issue will happen due to surges because the electrical panel needs to be upgraded. 
  • When homeowners find their appliances seem to not be running at full power, it is time to have the electrical panel checked. If the panel is too old, it may not be able to accommodate the power needs of today’s modern appliances. 
  • Are the breakers constantly tripping in the home? When breakers are tripping, this is a sign that the panel is being overloaded. It could mean the panel is outdated, or there could be too much draw. 
  • If the electrical panel box makes crackling sounds, this is a sign that should never be ignored. This means there is arcing occurring, which could lead to the risks of serious electric shocks that could cause death. Never attempt to work on an electrical panel without the help of a professional. 
  • Should a homeowner ever notice sparks emitting from their panel box, it is time to shut off the electricity and call an electrician right away. Waiting too long could lead to serious issues. Sparks can cause fires that could destroy homes or injure the occupants. 

Schedule a Repair Appointment

When homeowners are in need of Electrical Panel Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, they should contact Big Family Electrical right away. They will come out and inspect the panel and all components thoroughly, checking for any signs of damage that may be contributing to the signs above. Any repair issues are reported to the homeowner, and then repair services are offered, along with upfront pricing information. 

Waiting on electric panel repairs is not an option. With prompt electrical services, homeowners can rest assured their electrical panel box will operate safely and efficiently, protecting their homes from power surges. Call an electrician now to get started. 

Electrical Box Maintenance Services

Electricians recommend homeowners have their electrical systems and panel boxes inspected every three to five years, to ensure no damage has occurred that needs to be addressed right away. Electrical panels should last between twenty to thirty years, as long as they are maintained properly. By having an electrician check the breakers and tighten any connections, these panel boxes are less likely to experience repair issues that can become dangerous. 

Quality Services Homeowners Can Rely On

Big Family Electric is committed to providing its customers with the full spectrum of electrical services they require. Today’s appliances and electronics are more demanding than ever before, and many older electrical panels simply cannot keep up with the power draw. Homeowners who are concerned about the age of their panel or its performance should contact an electrician right away. 

With Big Family’s services, homeowners will be able to know if their panel is working properly or if it needs to be upgraded or replaced. Homeowners who have been experiencing the above signs should call right away to schedule an inspection and repair appointment. With same-day service, homeowners will not have to wait for their repairs to be carried out because they will be done in a timely manner. Should Big Family be unable to send out a technician immediately, their goal is prompt service as soon as possible because they do not want their customers to have to wait. 

At Big Family, we are dedicated to helping homeowners in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ensure their electrical systems are safe and operating at the proper level. We offer a full range of services and same-day service for electrical emergencies. Our highly trained technicians are carefully screened with background checks and drug testing. 

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