Lighting Installation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

At BIG Family, we strive to provide high-quality lighting that is not only guaranteed to provide durability and safety but will also bring warmth and beauty to any space in your home. We are a trusted, family-owned electrical service committed to bringing home-owners superior lighting as well as incredible customer service. 

Importance of Lighting 

Lighting serves a versatile purpose in every home. No matter what time of day it is, good lighting allows you to optimize every part of your home. Your use of outdoor spaces may be constrained by poor lighting that makes it difficult to fully enjoy a patio or porch after dark but that doesn’t need to be the case. Outdoor lighting is just as important as interior lighting. 

Lighting also provides a sense of comfort and beauty to your home. Coming home to windows filled with light after a long day can provide a feeling of being welcomed. Good lighting can also help accent the natural beauty of your home, showing off your interior decor or highlighting your home’s lovely architecture. If you’re searching for an Electrician in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to provide quality lighting to bring comfort, beauty, and functionality to your home, look no further than Big Family. 

Choosing a Lighting Design 

Choosing the right lighting installations is key to setting the atmosphere and tone of any space, whether it is in a new or old home. The right lighting can completely transform a room. However, the most difficult step is choosing what lighting is right for the room. 

Lighting is divided into three types of lighting. Ambient light is general light, either from lighting installations or natural light. Task lighting is highly focused lighting for specific jobs, such as cooking or sewing. Accent lighting highlights a specific object or area, such as a piece of fine art. Whatever type of lighting you choose should complement the purpose of a room. For example, a bedroom should have soft ambient light for reading and preparing for bed, while a kitchen should have a “task light” so you can cook safely. 

Types of Exterior and Interior Lighting 

The design possibilities for lighting are endless. Under-cabinet lighting provides fantastic task lighting for kitchens and workspaces. Chandelier lighting provides gorgeous ambient light for any formal space. Pendant lighting is a great way to express your style in the kitchen or home bar. Wall-mounted lighting is a popular choice for providing soft, ambient light in bedrooms or living rooms. Recessed lighting can provide ambient lighting anywhere in your home with barely noticeable fixtures. Surface lighting offers ambient lighting anywhere in your home with a subtle design. Track lighting is versatile enough to be used for ambient or accent lighting. Suspended lighting and cable lighting provide a fun, modern ambient light. 

For exterior lighting, there are even more options. Many of the previously mentioned lighting options can also be added to a porch or other outdoor space, but you can also light up your outdoor spaces with sconce lighting, landscape lighting, or security lighting. Security lighting doesn’t just allow you to use outdoor spaces after dark, it also provides safety, security, and peace of mind. 

The Installation Process 

BIG Family is known among Lighting Installation Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for excellent customer services, which extends to the lighting installation process. The process starts with a consultation, during which you’ll discuss what you want out of your home lighting and what designs fit into the look and feel of your home. This is a crucial part of the process because it’s focused on what you want. The next step is the design, during which you will have creative input while working with the company in crafting the perfect lighting system. After you approve the final plans, BIG Family will go to work and install your perfect lighting system. 

No matter what lighting you choose for your home’s interior or exterior space, you can be assured that BIG Family will provide a high-quality product with a high-quality customer experience. You can also be certain that your home is in safe hands. Electrical installations can pose a lot of dangers, but BIG Family is committed to safety. BIG Family is up-to-date on all electrical codes. During installation, BIG Family will make sure that your home is equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters and fire guards to prevent any accidental electrocutions or electrical fires. With BIG Family, you don’t need to worry about any electrical hazards. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your new lighting. 

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