Electrician in Wilson, Louisiana

Trustworthy and smooth running electricity is vital to a secured and joyful home. At our service center, we desire to ensure that your home remains at its finest. You don’t have to worry because our experts are available anytime to assist you. Our team of specialized and fully qualified professionals deliver everything from installation, replacement, inspection, and electrical repair services.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical outlets and switches are one of the most used items at home. But these powerful items can be potentially dangerous. To mitigate this, we recommend you to allow our team to perform an Electrical Safety Check on your residence or business.

Over the years, the plugs and switches jointness may become loose with utilization, leading to potential harm. One sure sign of danger is when your switch or plug is warm or hot to the touch. A change in color is another sure sign of increasing issues communicating time for reaching out to our sure and authorized electricians.

Electrical Panel Installation

Many older homes have electrical systems that are outdated and don’t meet current safety standards. If your panel has been using fuses, otherwise quit reading and schedule an assessment of a panel update immediately. If your panel is over 25 years old, you have all the more reason to schedule that panel upgrade estimate as soon as possible.

Your modern way of life has more demands for power from an electrical grid than ever before. Big screen televisions, high-power appliances, high-end computers, all need more power than what older systems offer. Most of the time, household electrical panels aren’t even thought about or upgraded unless an issue presents itself.

Indicators that you need an upgraded panel:

  • Need higher Amp incoming Service
  • Required accommodation for a home generator
  • The recent addition of a sub-panel
  • Use of high-load electrical equipment
  • New construction or new appliances
  • Existing non-grounded outlets and wiring
  • Scorching or discoloration of electrical panel
  • Circuit surge
  • Lights or bulbs flickering
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the electrical panel
  • Use of multiple extension cords
  • Addition of a hot tub or a sauna
  • Additional 220v circuit

The very first thing we will do is send out one of our licensed electricians to look at your panel. He’ll take the time to consider the amount of power you use and decide if you need a new one. After which, the electrical consultant will provide choices to upgrade. As in any other services offered by our company, we will not start work unless you understand the implications of our assessment.

Lighting Repair Services

Are you protected from the damage that lightning strikes and electrical power surges cause? Regular home insurance policies, the standard ones, don’t cover damage from power surges. From 2004 to 2013, the average cost per claim rose 122% according to the National Fire Protection Association, making the new average $5,869. That is reason enough to consider our team of experts to give you power and lightning surge protection.

Contact Our Team

If you need inspection, schedule it with our team of licensed electricians. Our electricians will provide you with a list of all the options available that will help you make the most out of your electrical system, as well as provide proper protection from electrical surges. You should be able to spare a few moments to schedule an inspection by our team. Bear in mind, that it takes only a second or two for a power surge to do some costly damage.

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