The Benefits of Switching to Underground Electrical Services

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Power lines have become something that we are used to seeing above us. They line our city streets and you can find them in alleys, yards, and parks. While utility wires are essential for bringing power to every home, business, and warehouse, that doesn’t make power lines and poles any nicer to look at. Overhead power lines aren’t just unattractive. They are also more prone to damage from storms, vehicle accidents, and more.

Benefits of Moving Power Lines Underground

More cities and homeowners are starting to make the switch to underground electrical services. There are many reasons for the change. While switching to underground utility wires is an investment, it’s one that is well worth it if you think about the benefits that come with the change.   If you are a homeowner and you are considering underground electrical services, you may want to know if it is a good decision for your home. Here are the main benefits of burying your utility wires underground.

Electrical Safety

Having power lines underground reduces a lot of hazards that can be present with an overhead power line. Fire hazards are reduced and you don’t have the danger of downed power lines. It can also be much safer next to roadways. Utility poles next to highways can be dangerous. Single-vehicle accidents involving utility poles are common, so having cables underground can help minimize the problem. Improving electrical safety in and around your home can be well worth the cost of upgrades.

More Reliable Electrical Service

If you have ever had your power go out because of a heavy storm, you will know how destructive wind and falling branches can be to power lines. When a tree branch falls on a power line, it causes power outages. This can cause a lot of problems during a storm when multiple locations are getting damaged at the same time, causing hundreds of homes to go without power. With underground electrical feeds to your home, weather conditions no longer become a problem. The result is that homes get to experience much more reliable electrical services without constant power outages.

Better Appearance

We may be used to seeing power lines strung above our homes and parks, but there is no denying that cities are more attractive without a web of wires crossing from house to house. If you want to improve the appearance of your yard, you can put in underground utility lines and eliminate wires and poles.

Improved Quality of Life and Economic Health

Moving power lines underground can improve neighborhoods, attract more people into the area, and even boost the health of local businesses. Without constant power outages, businesses can thrive and focus more of their energy on building the company. Reducing power lines in the neighborhood can also make it more attractive which can add to the appeal of local shopping and residential areas.

Other Considerations When Switching to Underground Electrical Services

If you are thinking about making the switch to underground electrical services, there are a few other things you should consider during the process. You should remember to always hire a residential electrician for underground installation services to make sure the job is done safely without damaging other utility lines. You may also want to consider investing in a whole house surge protector and an electrical panel upgrade at the same time.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

When installing underground electrical feed to a home, most homeowners are also upgrading their electrical service to 200 or more amps. You may want to ask your residential electrician about upgrading your electrical panel at the same time. Electrical panel upgrades may be necessary if you are installing new appliances, adding on to your home, or preparing for future home upgrades.

Whole House Surge Protection

While underground utility lines can help to protect against some power surges, many power surges come from internal sources. Air conditioners and other major appliances can cause power surges that can damage your electronics.   Surge protection is important whether you have underground or overhead power lines.

Underground Electrical Installations in Baton Rouge, LA

If you are considering making the change to underground electrical feed to your home, keep in mind that it can be a big project. There is the preliminary work of digging a trench for the power lines, and then the installation itself. Make sure you have the help of a licensed electrician. There are many benefits to underground electrical services. Buried power lines are safer and much less susceptible to weather damage. If you are thinking about making the change, you can call Big Family Electric for electrical installation services in Baton Rouge.

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